Green Cleaning

In today's society it is important benefactor for every person and business to do their part to help reduce our carbon footprint by making environmental approaches in maintaining any facility by making informed decisions on chemicals, supplies and procedures for every aspect of the process. Recycling programs from paper, plastic, aluminum and glass is just one step of many that we can implement to become more environmentally friendly but in cleaning, there is so much more we can do to add to it. At Pacific Building Care we use "green cleaning" techniques to better serve our customers and the environment by staying informed of the newest chemicals and procedures. The health, safety and productivity of our employees and customers along with understanding our impact on the earth's resources are paramount. Making smart decisions helps move us as far as practical along the green continuum and the planet.

Technique Examples

  • Use of chemical mixing dispensers - minimizes waste to a minimum level and improves efficiency
  • Turn off lights, ceiling fans etc in areas where work is completed
  • Switch to recycled paper products and environmentally friendly consumables
  • Use reusable soap dispensers etc


  • HEPA filter vacuum cleaners - replace filters every 6 months
  • Microfiber dual mopping systems - separates clean and dirty water
  • Dry floor scrubbing- reduces harsh floor care chemicals
  • Microfiber wet mops, wet cloths, cloths and dusters
  • Boost auto scrubbers - random orbital scrubbers
  • Activeion- converts tap water into ionized water sanitizer
  • Wall-mount chemical dispensers - reduces plastic products


EnvirOx Products:

  • EPA Registered Green products
  • 117 Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Sanitizer/Virucide/ HBV
  • EPA Approved - Safer Choice - labels

Changing to greener methods helps reduce pollution to our waterways, the air we breathe, minimizes impact on ozone depletion and also climate change with fewer smog-producing chemicals. Evidence reveals that green cleaning products and procedures do offer numerous benefits to people and the environment. With such ideas, Pacific Building Care can make a difference in your office, facility, building and etc to have a clean safe work environment just by simple professional cleaning methods.