10 Signs Your Office Cleaning Service Is A Swing & A Miss

Posted by developer2 on April 6, 2018

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Are your office cleaning services working for you and your facility, or is it a swing and a miss? How do you know it’s time to go to bat for a new office cleaning service? And if you are out in the marketplace searching for a better solution, how do you avoid wasting your time with office cleaning companies who will not deliver a home run? Ahead we detail the ten signs it’s time for a new office cleaning company and even keep in mind when you are looking for a new office cleaning company.

1. Your Office Cleaning Service Has Vague Pricing or Plays Pricing Games

If your office cleaning service has vague pricing or is playing pricing games with you, it’s time to start looking for a new commercial cleaning company. The best office cleaning companies always provide you with transparent pricing. Not only does transparent pricing help you compare office cleaning bids in a telling way, it can help both you and your cleaning company know exactly what work is and is not included. Cloudy pricing and pricing games are always a bad sign. They usually point to inexperience or a deliberate smokescreen. Either way the result for you will be either not getting the work you need to keep you office clean and well maintained, or upending your office cleaning budgets with added charges and shifting prices. Clear, transparent pricing gives you the necessary information to make the best decisions for your facility.

2. Your Office Cleaning Company’s People Problems Are Becoming Your Problem

A team is only as strong as its weakest player. If your office cleaning company’s people problems are quickly becoming your problem, it’s probably time to move on. People are the foundation of any service business and if your office cleaning service is taking shortcuts with their people or people processes, your maintenance will suffer. Companies that resort to illegal subcontracting, illegal hiring or take shortcuts with hiring, screening or training are very likely skipping important safety precautions and best practices in a number of vital areas. You deserve an office cleaning service that thinks ahead, protects your reputation and their own, and operates above board in every possible way.

3. Your Office Cleaners Don’t Take Security Seriously

Security in your facility is critical. If your office cleaning services are not serious about security, it’s an automatic strike out. What security matters should you as a Facility Manager be aware of when it comes to your office cleaning company? No reputable, professional office cleaning service will engage in illegal subcontracting or illegal hiring. No office cleaning service will cut corners on employee screening, drug testing or comprehensive background checks. That means every employee who enters your facility has been fully vetted, every time.

4. Your Office Cleaning Service Neglects Important Training

Does your office cleaning company offer the formalized training required to get you and your facility the service you deserve? Do they train their teams on a systematized cleaning process? Training is a critical component of effective, responsive, professional office cleaning. If your office cleaning company is taking shortcuts with training, service will suffer. Solid, targeted employee training is one of the best ways an office cleaning company can provide consistent, responsive, customer-focused service. In an increasingly complex and technology driven world, even services we might think of as lower skilled work require good training. Not only do well-trained office cleaners do a better job, they feel better about their work and are more invested. If your current office cleaning service doesn’t understand how important training their teams is, it’s time to look elsewhere for office cleaning.

5. High Janitorial Turnover Is Impacting your Office Cleaning Services

Sure turnover in the janitorial industry can be higher than some industries, but if your office cleaning company has higher than average janitorial turnover, you will not get the value or effective service your facility deserves. Eventually, your office cleaning company’s turnover issues will begin to impact YOUR service. A revolving door of office cleaners isn’t good for business. Not only is your office cleaning company putting extra money and time recruiting and training new people (a cost passed on to you), your cleaning services can quickly slip below acceptable levels as a steady stream of new hires means you never get the benefit of longevity and experience. This reduces the overall value of what you are getting. Likewise, too many new faces invites concerns, real and imagined, regarding security. While employee turnover is higher in lower-skilled, lower wage jobs, there are still ways that an office cleaning company can reduce turnover and incentivize employees with good training, good management, competitive wages and benefits and a good company culture. If your seeing too many new faces up to bat from your office cleaning services, it’s likely time to make a change.

6. Old equipment & Methods Reducing Effectiveness & Value of Office Cleaning

While you don’t need office cleaning services with every new gizmo and gadget, if your office cleaners aren’t equipped with newer, well-maintained equipment, state of the art cleaning chemicals and green cleaning solutions, and operate with newer methods and industry best practices, you will not get the level of service your facility should. Technology and innovation are changing the face of nearly all industries and office cleaning has likewise jettisoned into the future. Some Facility Managers think that better equipment, supplies and methods costs more but often they are the very things bringing office cleaning costs down to acceptable levels. For instance, better equipment can cut labor hours, costs and advance efficiency. Apps and reporting software can help create easy communication between you, your office cleaning company and the frontline office cleaners. Computer based training can save your office cleaning company money thereby reducing costs that are inevitably built into your cost. The best office cleaning companies embrace technology and use it to build continual improvement into their services.

7. Frequent Strikeouts Are Becoming a Pattern Of Poor Service

Sure everyone makes mistakes, it is unavoidable, but if one mistake becomes two and the mistakes become a pattern, it is time to move on. A pattern of poor service points to poor training and management. Sure, you could try to communicate directly trying to manage your office cleaners but one of the many benefits of outsourcing office cleaning is supposed to be that you don’t haveto micromanage the process. When problems arise in your facility, how quickly is your office cleaning service getting back to you? And how quickly is the issue resolved? Responsiveness is a critical part of getting both effective service and real value form your office cleaning.

8. A Lack Of Communication Has Become the Norm

Effective service requires that your office cleaning company knows what is working for you and what is not. In order to get that kind of ongoing feedback, they must communicate with you on a regular basis. As mentioned previously, even the best office cleaning services make mistakes. If they have a strong communication plan built in, they will know about a problemway ahead of it becoming a recurrent issue. Youroffice cleaning company needs to communicate well with both you and their employees. The most professional office cleaning companies want regular feedback, both positive and negative, so that they may continually improve their service and build value for you, their customer.

9. Your Office Cleaning Service Is Simply Not Set Up For A Win

If an office cleaning service isn’t set up for a win, they are likely to fail. Exceptional office cleaning doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design. Are there appropriate systems in place to assure reliability through accountability? Does your office cleaning company perform recurring janitorial inspections to help steer employee performance in the right direction? Is each important facet of their business structured with systems and processes that create consistency and results? Creating raving fans requires planning and work, is your office cleaning company doing it?

10. Professionalism Is Nowhere to Be Found

You deserve to partner with a winning team. Professionalism is often the difference between good office cleaning services and great office cleaning services. You deserve to have an office cleaning company that cares about the way they and their services are perceived. What does professionalism from your office cleaning company look like? It’s a well trained and well equipped office cleaning staff. It is a skilled approach to cleaning your facility. It is the systems and processes in place to deliver on their promises. It is clear, continual communication with you in order to provide the most individualized, responsive service. It is employee screening, employee badges and employee uniforms. It is always working with industry best practices in mind and making better, more efficient and effective cleaning their mission.


Do Your Medical Janitorial Services Have Their Eye On the Future?

Posted by developer2 on April 6, 2018

10. do your medical services.jpgHealth Care Facilities Should Be Places Of Health & Healing, Not Getting Sicker

The future of healthcare changes by the minute with technology informing nearly everything from the top down. Medical and hospital cleaning has become more critical as concerns about cleanliness, infection and patient satisfaction come to the forefront. Your commercial cleaning company has a direct role in patient safety, satisfaction and even HCAHPS scores. Healthcare Associated Infections have long been a concern in medical facilities but with practitioners seeing increasingly higher volumes of patients, managing rates of infection transmission are even more important. Whether you manage a hospital, clinic, surgical center, or any other healthcare facility, you want to be seen as a place to receive care and get well and not a place to get sicker.


Medical Cleaning Requires A Specialist

In order to effectively tackle the newest strains of disease that find their way into medical facilities, your commercial cleaning company must be up to the job. Just because a janitorial company wants your business does not mean they are worthy of it. Just like many medical specialties, healthcare cleaning requires a higher level of training, knowledge and experience. Just because a company has been moderately successful in general office cleaning does not mean they are prepared for the responsibility and requirements of medical office cleaning. when searching for your next healthcare cleaning company, don’t consider any company that has not done their due diligence and pursued training and systems to serve the medical cleaning requirements of area hospitals, clinics, ambulatory centers and even medical facility offices.


Medical Cleaning Requires More Than a Bucket & Mop

Healthcare cleaning services comes with its own unique requirements, risks, compliance issues and safety concerns. If your prospective commercial cleaning company isn’t fully in tune and up to speed with the requirements of health care cleaning, they are putting you, your patients, staff and even their employees at risk. Medicine has evolved tremendously over the last decade and with it, a number of services connected to medical care have continued to be professionalized. Healthcare-associated infections impact nearly 2 million people each year, with as many as a third of the reported cases being preventable with recommended infection control procedures in place. Add to that a virulent and raging flu season with heightened, severe complications and you can see how important the health and cleanliness of your medical facility is. When you contract with a generalist instead of a medical cleaning specialist, you run the risk of getting little more than a cursory cleaning that not only looks less than inviting, can actually make people sick. Certainly common illnesses like colds, flus and respiratory illnesses can spread in any facility where cleaning for health is not taken seriously, but in a medical setting, the risks and complications are profoundly more serious, even catastrophic.


Compliance Is Critical In in Healthcare & Hospital Cleaning

Healthcare and hospital cleaning are an integral part of a healthy environment but perception and reputation are no less important. The Hospital Consumer Assessments of “Healthcare Providers and Systems” survey, or, HCAHPS has become an important tool for measuring patient satisfaction as well as reducing reimbursements for those health care facilities not meeting consumer expectations. On the HCAHPS survey, the cleanliness of the medical setting gets serious consideration. Between HIPPA, HCAHPS, OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommendations, AORN (Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses) recommendations, Blood Borne Pathogen training and other healthcare cleaning requirements, your medical cleaning company must understand what you are up against and how to help support you with their own efforts and contributions toward a clean, healthy and well maintained facility.


Medical Cleaning Requires More Knowledge & Higher Standards

Do prospective medical office cleaning companies understand the difference between clean, aseptic and sterile? Do they understand the differences, differing applications and required procedures with the various products used to clean your facility like disinfectants, sanitizers, detergents, virucides and more? Aseptic cleaning is used in various clinical settings to prevent the spread of pathogens that can spread dangerous infections. In a hospital, clinic, medical offices or other healthcare setting, cleaning teams require specific training in medical cleaning in order to effectually clean your facility. Healthcare cleaning personnel must understand critical and non-critical cleaning, disinfecting protocols, correct product usage, specific product directions, dwell times, when and where personal protective equipment is needed and cleaning for health. Similarly, your commercial cleaning company must use appropriate EPA-approved, hospital-grade cleaning and disinfectant products wherever required including surfaces and touch points that are likely to be become contaminated. Furthermore, terminal cleaning is an important part of the infection control process minimizing the spread of infection-causing pathogens that can heighten the risk of health care-associated infections (HAIs). Terminal cleaning is employed to immediately lower the microorganism load on high-touch areas like remote controls, light switches, telephones, door handles, tables, computer terminals, rails and other frequently handled items and surfaces. There is concrete science behind effective medical cleaning. Is your prospective healthcare cleaning company aware of it?


Do Your Medical Janitorial Services Have Their Eye On the Future?

In order to serve you and your facility most effectively, your medical cleaning company must have their eye on the future. Professional industry certifications like the CIMS, or Cleaning Industry Management Standard, can be a good way for you as a Facility Manager to create your short list of prospective commercial cleaning companies, secure in the knowledge that CIMS Certified cleaning companies are significantly more likely to be prepared to meet the unique needs of your individual facility. Much like healthcare professionals have certification to designate special training in specific clinical areas, commercial cleaning companies can achieve CIMS certification certifying their mastery in specific, critical areas of their business. CIMS certification shows a sincere commitment to going above and beyond the basics with an adherence to industry best practices, innovation, training and responsiveness to the customers. CIMS certification provides valuable, free feedback to help Facility Managers just like you weed out the many cleaning companies in the crowded janitorial marketplace that are simply not resourced and set up to effectively clean and maintain your facility. With certifications like CIMS and evidence-based analysis of a cleaning companies commitment to industry best practices and understanding the specific issues inherent in medical cleaning, you can find a company ready and willing to deliver the services your healthcare facility deserves.

Medical Cleaning Outsourcing Guide

When It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Your Office Cleaning Company

Posted by developer2 on April 6, 2018

office cleaning, commercial office cleaning services, detroit office cleaning servicesWhen a Mistake Becomes An Issue & An Issue Becomes A Pattern

Mistakes happen, even in the best office cleaning companies. But when one mistake becomes two, three or four mistakes and these mistakes add up to a more pressing issue, and the issue becomes a pattern, you have a real problem. At a certain point, you must ask, how many mistakes are too many mistakes? When can an issue be remedied and when is it time to move on? And if you do decide to move on and work with a different office cleaning company, how do you assure you don’t end up in the very same position just with a different office cleaning service? We talk to Facility Managers just like you each and every day. We hear their pain points and the issues that so frequently plague office cleaning. Do your issues match up with those other Facility Managers? And what can you do to keep your office cleaning company’s mistakes from becoming YOUR problems?


Are Your Office Cleaning Services Responsive?

While no commercial office cleaning service is perfect, there are some that respond to issues and problems better than others. When your office cleaning company makes a mistake, do they get in touch and rectify it promptly? And do they put a plan in place to make sure a problem doesn’t become a pattern? The best office cleaning services get back to you quickly when you report an issue. The best ones often find the problem before you even notice it with regular janitorial inspections and good employee training. If you are regularly hearing “we’ll take care of it” from your office cleaning company only to have to call or email again and again in order to get a response, it might be time to consider a new office cleaning company.


Are You Seeing A Revolving Door of New Office Cleaners?

Turnover is an unfortunate problem in any of the lower-skilled or less specialized jobs, as the pay is often at the lower end of the continuum, often people who become skilled and experienced move into more highly skilled positions and some low-skilled employees have other issues that make consistent employment difficult. So the turnover you will see at an office cleaning company is likely to be higher than say, among teachers. But office cleaning is a service business and a service business is only as good as its people. While some turnover is expected, the best office cleaning companies work hard to keep their turnover below average in order to provide their employees and their customers with consistency and excellence. How do some office cleaning services reduce turnover giving them a consistent, experience work force? They find and hire people who are a very good fit for the work. Then they arm those people with the training, tools, supervision and management to do very good work. Finally, they use competitive pay, benefits and performance incentives to both get the best from their teams and make their people feel appreciated and valued. If you see too many new faces among your office cleaners, it might be time to contract with a company that knows how to find and keep very good people.


Is Your Office Cleaning Company Using a Vacuum From the 1980s?

Office cleaning equipment is rapidly getting better, more effective, safer and greener. If your commercial office cleaning services is using old, outdated, poorly serviced equipment that has seen better days, they are shorting you of one of the many benefits of outsourcing office cleaning, that is newer, better equipment. By contracting with an office cleaning company, you should be getting the benefit of their specialization which means better equipment, serviced as needed and replaced more frequently. Office cleaning companies that are not using up to date equipment are not reinvesting in their own businesses and offering their customers the most optimal and effective service.


Criminal Background Checks & Drug Screening Are Critical

If your office cleaning company is taking short cuts with people, they will take shortcuts anywhere. People are the core component of office cleaning services. Office cleaners an in and out of your building daily and often after hours. You deserve to have people that are safe. That means no illegal hiring, comprehensive employment screening including drug testing and criminal background checks on every single employee without fail. A clean building is important but security is critical. Don’t let your office cleaning company take short cuts that put your business, your people and your reputation at risk.


Office Cleaners Need Training To Be More Effective & Consistent

Does your office cleaning company have good people? What does good people even mean? Well, as stated above, they must be legally hired and properly screened, but then what? Then training and management become critical to the success of an office cleaning program. Effective training benefits you the customer and changes the way people feel about their work, which in turn cultivates a more professional attitude. Everyone benefits. Office cleaning has leapt into the future and is so much more technical than the mop and bucket days. Science and technology have combined to give us major improvements in the Science of Cleaning and Cleaning for Health. But these advances require training in order to be implemented correctly giving you the best results possible in your facility. Is your office cleaning company finding, hiring, screening, training and managing their teams to success? Do they provide comprehensive general training as well as industry specific training to the office cleaners who work in your building?

Say Goodbye to Your Ineffective Office Cleaning Company & Hello to Better Service

There are certainly those office cleaning companies that are off track, making more mistakes than reasonable and taxing your good will and your office cleaning budget beyond their limits. But there are also those professional office cleaning services getting it right, working hard daily toward continual improvement to offer their valued customers more and better. As a Facility Manager, you are tasked with trying to discern the former from the latter. In fact, that can be the trickiest part. It isn’t always easy to identify those companies that are doing it better. The best office cleaning companies won’t take shortcuts with training, effective quality control is the goal and they operate with a professionalism that offers a predictor of service and value. The most effective Detroit office cleaning companies know that too many mistakes become a pattern and lose them customers so they strive to identify and remedy problems quickly. They know that communication and responsiveness are integral to effective service. The best office cleaning companies know that people are the face of their business and thus make it a priority to find, hire, retain and manage great people who are a great fit for the work. The most effective office cleaning services know why better, newer cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly products do the best job and make the most of their customer’s budgets. They fully understand that security and safety in your office building is nonnegotiable. Do your work upfront to find those office cleaning companies worthy of your business an you can set your facility up to run efficiently and effectively while looking its best.