Client Testimonials

    “We have other companies calling us but we are satisfied with the service we are provided. I would recommend Pacific Building Care to anyone. Ted Stevens, SLO"

    “Your staff did a wonderful job in our building. It was very noticeable when we walked in this morning and I have had quite a few compliments about the maintenance services that happened over the weekend. The morale with a maintained office is much better when you discover the difference from the other companies can't do, Thank you!”

    “We hired and hired companies but they turned out to just run through our office to go to the next as fast as they can. Someone referred me to call Pacific Building Care because of our standards we were looking for. If you go and find anyone for just the lowest price then you’ll always end up with the problems we had. Hiring a good maintenance company is important to us because it is the aspect of our business, which is what PBC did for us. They do honest work, no cutting corners or anywhere to leave things untouched, they do the work, that counts for us. Janet; ARJ Group Design"

    "I was looking for a building maintenance service but I always had problems. I hired Pacific Building Care maintenance and what made me most impressed with your service is your equipment and company clothing, everything is so professional to their standards. Your estimates are extremely professional and your staff knows what they are talking about. That's earns an A letter grade from me, thank you. Rob Cushing, Group Financial Inc."


Tired of the cleaning complaints?
Out of toilet paperagain?
Fed Up with inconsistent janitorial services?

Did you know that nearly 83% of all janitorial services are replaced within the first year due to poor service?

And even worse… 70% of those will be terminated within just 6 short months! So in other words – There’s only a 10% chance of success with your next cleaning service!

The good news:  There is a proven formula for successfully hiring a reliable maintenance service that will consistently meet your expectations… and we’ll show you how @ what to expect!

Now, I don’t know about you, but if you’re like many of the people we work with, you’ve probably had a “bad experience” with a janitorial, a cleaning service, a maintenace service or commercial building service in the past.

“The service started out great…
but after a few months, everything changed!”

…Sound Familiar?

If it sounds familiar to you, we can help!  But before I move on, do any of these describe your situation


blYou’re tired of doors being left unlocked     Is this you
blYou’re fed up with running out of supplies
blYou’re frustrated with the inconsistent dusting
blYour phone calls are not being returned
blYou’re paying too much, for too little
blThe Janitorial Franchises are still letting you down
blYou’re dealing with the same reoccurring issues

If any of the above statements describe your current situation, take a deep breath and relax, because you’re about experience a completely different kind of janitorial service, we are a building maintenance company! Janitorial companies are limited to what they can do and that's where come in to do what they are missing, full service building maintenance.

“So what makes it ‘so’ different?”
Great question!

There are literally thousands of Janitorial Service Contractors in the San Luis Obispo area – it isn’t hard to a building maintenance company that does janitorial, construction, security, equipment repair and more as one source. But the real challenge is finding one that can do the work such as just cleaning your office exactly the way YOU like it, every single day.

“One-size-fits-all” does not apply to janitorial companies. Most janitorial services submit bids using simple hand written extimates, not calculated well but setting outdated cleaning specifications, and just “cut and paste” your name on it.

When you receive a bid from us, it will be a professional accurate bid  that produces bids specific to one building, and one building to your specification needs.

Not all Janitorial, Cleaning companies or Maintenance Services are the same. Many managers assume that all cleaning services are the same, and base their hiring decision primarily on price.

Now, a low price is important… but many managers who hire successfully understand that there are many other factors that must be considered in order to make a good hiring decision.

Here are some highlights of what you’ll get when you partner with us:

ck2 Unbeatable Customer Service and Personal Attention
An Industry-Leading maintenance crew
ck2 Outstanding Communication and Follow Up
Computer-Based Quality Control Systems
ck2 Around-The-Clock Service Monitoring
Your way… Every day… or You Don’t Pay!” Guarantee
ck2 REAL Ownership Involvement – NOT a Franchise
No Contracts – you can cancel at any time
ck2 Surprisingly LOW Rates!

And that’s a few to mention

“And it’s Guaranteed…”
Of course!

Sure, we all make mistakes…  But you shouldn’t have to pay for services that you’re not completely happy with, so that’s why we stand behind our guarantee.

We are so confident in our ability to consistently deliver outstanding service that we’re giving you our “Your Way… Every Day… Or You Don’t Pay” Guarantee…

We will clean your office exactly the way you like it, every single day, or you don’t have to pay… Guaranteed!

I know that sounds SILLY, but it’s true. Most cleaning companies wouldn’t even DARE to offer a guarantee as bold as this…

“So what’s the catch?”
There is no catch!
We just need 20 minutes to prove it…

Here’s my offer to you: Let me visit your office and spend some time learning about you and any cleaning challenges you may have.

This appointment is FREE, and with NO-OBLIGATION to use our services…ever. 

ck2Detailed Measurements

No pressure… No obligations…

Call us at (805) 544-0229.

                                                                       Check this out!
ck2A list of Recommended Cleaning Tasks and Frequencies based on your specific priorities
ck2Computer Generated Time Requirements for each cleaning task in your office based on industry specific production rates
ck2Custom-Made Cleaning Specifications designed specifically for your building
ck2An accurate Maintenace Services Cost Estimate – not just a generic “square footage” calculation
ck2Support Documents and Reports showing  exactly how everything is done
ck2A Maintenace Service Supply Usage Estimate to know how much you should be spending
ck2Learn exactly what information you’ll need to make a successful decision when hiring your next commercial maintenance service
ck2Learn how to determine if a janitorial service is planning on selling your contract, and how to avoid this huge risk!
                                                        Let’s talk “about Service!”