10 Signs Your Office Cleaning Service Is A Swing & A Miss

Posted by developer2 on April 6, 2018

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Are your office cleaning services working for you and your facility, or is it a swing and a miss? How do you know it’s time to go to bat for a new office cleaning service? And if you are out in the marketplace searching for a better solution, how do you avoid wasting your time with office cleaning companies who will not deliver a home run? Ahead we detail the ten signs it’s time for a new office cleaning company and even keep in mind when you are looking for a new office cleaning company.

1. Your Office Cleaning Service Has Vague Pricing or Plays Pricing Games

If your office cleaning service has vague pricing or is playing pricing games with you, it’s time to start looking for a new commercial cleaning company. The best office cleaning companies always provide you with transparent pricing. Not only does transparent pricing help you compare office cleaning bids in a telling way, it can help both you and your cleaning company know exactly what work is and is not included. Cloudy pricing and pricing games are always a bad sign. They usually point to inexperience or a deliberate smokescreen. Either way the result for you will be either not getting the work you need to keep you office clean and well maintained, or upending your office cleaning budgets with added charges and shifting prices. Clear, transparent pricing gives you the necessary information to make the best decisions for your facility.

2. Your Office Cleaning Company’s People Problems Are Becoming Your Problem

A team is only as strong as its weakest player. If your office cleaning company’s people problems are quickly becoming your problem, it’s probably time to move on. People are the foundation of any service business and if your office cleaning service is taking shortcuts with their people or people processes, your maintenance will suffer. Companies that resort to illegal subcontracting, illegal hiring or take shortcuts with hiring, screening or training are very likely skipping important safety precautions and best practices in a number of vital areas. You deserve an office cleaning service that thinks ahead, protects your reputation and their own, and operates above board in every possible way.

3. Your Office Cleaners Don’t Take Security Seriously

Security in your facility is critical. If your office cleaning services are not serious about security, it’s an automatic strike out. What security matters should you as a Facility Manager be aware of when it comes to your office cleaning company? No reputable, professional office cleaning service will engage in illegal subcontracting or illegal hiring. No office cleaning service will cut corners on employee screening, drug testing or comprehensive background checks. That means every employee who enters your facility has been fully vetted, every time.

4. Your Office Cleaning Service Neglects Important Training

Does your office cleaning company offer the formalized training required to get you and your facility the service you deserve? Do they train their teams on a systematized cleaning process? Training is a critical component of effective, responsive, professional office cleaning. If your office cleaning company is taking shortcuts with training, service will suffer. Solid, targeted employee training is one of the best ways an office cleaning company can provide consistent, responsive, customer-focused service. In an increasingly complex and technology driven world, even services we might think of as lower skilled work require good training. Not only do well-trained office cleaners do a better job, they feel better about their work and are more invested. If your current office cleaning service doesn’t understand how important training their teams is, it’s time to look elsewhere for office cleaning.

5. High Janitorial Turnover Is Impacting your Office Cleaning Services

Sure turnover in the janitorial industry can be higher than some industries, but if your office cleaning company has higher than average janitorial turnover, you will not get the value or effective service your facility deserves. Eventually, your office cleaning company’s turnover issues will begin to impact YOUR service. A revolving door of office cleaners isn’t good for business. Not only is your office cleaning company putting extra money and time recruiting and training new people (a cost passed on to you), your cleaning services can quickly slip below acceptable levels as a steady stream of new hires means you never get the benefit of longevity and experience. This reduces the overall value of what you are getting. Likewise, too many new faces invites concerns, real and imagined, regarding security. While employee turnover is higher in lower-skilled, lower wage jobs, there are still ways that an office cleaning company can reduce turnover and incentivize employees with good training, good management, competitive wages and benefits and a good company culture. If your seeing too many new faces up to bat from your office cleaning services, it’s likely time to make a change.

6. Old equipment & Methods Reducing Effectiveness & Value of Office Cleaning

While you don’t need office cleaning services with every new gizmo and gadget, if your office cleaners aren’t equipped with newer, well-maintained equipment, state of the art cleaning chemicals and green cleaning solutions, and operate with newer methods and industry best practices, you will not get the level of service your facility should. Technology and innovation are changing the face of nearly all industries and office cleaning has likewise jettisoned into the future. Some Facility Managers think that better equipment, supplies and methods costs more but often they are the very things bringing office cleaning costs down to acceptable levels. For instance, better equipment can cut labor hours, costs and advance efficiency. Apps and reporting software can help create easy communication between you, your office cleaning company and the frontline office cleaners. Computer based training can save your office cleaning company money thereby reducing costs that are inevitably built into your cost. The best office cleaning companies embrace technology and use it to build continual improvement into their services.

7. Frequent Strikeouts Are Becoming a Pattern Of Poor Service

Sure everyone makes mistakes, it is unavoidable, but if one mistake becomes two and the mistakes become a pattern, it is time to move on. A pattern of poor service points to poor training and management. Sure, you could try to communicate directly trying to manage your office cleaners but one of the many benefits of outsourcing office cleaning is supposed to be that you don’t haveto micromanage the process. When problems arise in your facility, how quickly is your office cleaning service getting back to you? And how quickly is the issue resolved? Responsiveness is a critical part of getting both effective service and real value form your office cleaning.

8. A Lack Of Communication Has Become the Norm

Effective service requires that your office cleaning company knows what is working for you and what is not. In order to get that kind of ongoing feedback, they must communicate with you on a regular basis. As mentioned previously, even the best office cleaning services make mistakes. If they have a strong communication plan built in, they will know about a problemway ahead of it becoming a recurrent issue. Youroffice cleaning company needs to communicate well with both you and their employees. The most professional office cleaning companies want regular feedback, both positive and negative, so that they may continually improve their service and build value for you, their customer.

9. Your Office Cleaning Service Is Simply Not Set Up For A Win

If an office cleaning service isn’t set up for a win, they are likely to fail. Exceptional office cleaning doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by design. Are there appropriate systems in place to assure reliability through accountability? Does your office cleaning company perform recurring janitorial inspections to help steer employee performance in the right direction? Is each important facet of their business structured with systems and processes that create consistency and results? Creating raving fans requires planning and work, is your office cleaning company doing it?

10. Professionalism Is Nowhere to Be Found

You deserve to partner with a winning team. Professionalism is often the difference between good office cleaning services and great office cleaning services. You deserve to have an office cleaning company that cares about the way they and their services are perceived. What does professionalism from your office cleaning company look like? It’s a well trained and well equipped office cleaning staff. It is a skilled approach to cleaning your facility. It is the systems and processes in place to deliver on their promises. It is clear, continual communication with you in order to provide the most individualized, responsive service. It is employee screening, employee badges and employee uniforms. It is always working with industry best practices in mind and making better, more efficient and effective cleaning their mission.


Find School Cleaning Companies Capable of Making the Grade

Posted by developer2 on April 6, 2018

detroit school cleaning company, livonia janitorial comply, dearborn school cleaning servicesDoes your school cleaning company deserve a place on the honor roll or do they need remedial classes? If you have spent some time with a school cleaning service that isn’t delivering on their promises to you, you know just how frustrating it can be. Still, most schools are under constant pressure to reduce costs and it isn’t unusual for schools to be working with less than optimal budgets. How do you keep a school facility looking its best even with razor thin budgets? And how do you find a school cleaning service really capable of making the grade?

The idea of tight budgets AND great service might seem incompatible but technology and innovation in the janitorial industry has made it possible to do more with less, employ smart clean technology and stay inline with budgets. So what are the best school cleaning services doing differently? What really separates the masters from the disasters? And how can you find the best, most professional school cleaning services in a crowded janitorial marketplace?


In-House School Cleaning Isn’t the Answer to Your Budget Problems

Often, in an attempt to cut and control costs, customers will consider in-house cleaning services as an alternative to outsourcing their school cleaning. But trying to run what is essentially a business within a business creates a cycle of misspent resources, complaints and frustrations with none of the intended savings. Many of the schools we work with and talk to day in and day out tell us that they feel like reduced budgets have forced them to live with substandard cleaning. If cheap, outdated and ineffective cleaning products and equipment are the primary tools of your custodial staff, whether they are in-house or a contracted custodial service, your cleaning and maintenance will suffer. Not only that, inadequate cleaning puts your students and staff at risk for a greater number of colds, flus and other common illnesses that raise absenteeism and are shown to directly impact learning outcomes. Just because you have to live with budget cuts doesn’t mean you are doomed to suffer mediocre maintenance.


The Best School Cleaning Companies Know How to Cut Cost & Deliver  Effective Cleaning

School cleaning has rocketed into the 21st century. Long gone are the days when a bucket and mop were nearly all it took. Behind the times school cleaning methods are often more likely to spread dirt, grime and disease-causing germs around your school rather than really, truly clean. More germs moved around your facility just means more contaminated surfaces, more absences and ultimately more cost and a less than optimal leaning environment. The best Detroit school cleaning services use a multitude of innovative, tech savvy products that do the job better, faster and cheaper. These school cleaning companies follow best practices and equip themselves with cleaning innovations like no-touch cleaning systems, HEPA filter backpack vacuums, color coded rags and spray-and-vac equipment. These effective and efficient cleaning systems use automatic chemical measuring and equipment similar to an indoor pressure washer with a powerful wet vacuum to get surfaces cleaner. Not only are these cleaning tools more effective, they are more efficient. Innovative, high tech cleaning equipment can help your school janitorial service clean around 50% more effectively in approximately half the time. THIS is how the best school cleaning companies can do more with less getting you the clean learning environment you need while helping you keep an eye on your bottom line.


Does Your School Cleaning Service Get an A+ In Cleaning For Health?

Does your school janitorial company get an A+ for cleaning for health or are they near the bottom of their class? School cleaning should be done with professionalism, science and health in mind. The science that underpins cleaning for healthrequires janitorial companies embrace change and implement the industry’s technological and systems advances in order to offer you, their customers, the most value and the most effective services. Similarly cleaning for health requires that a school cleaning service understand and build best practices around a knowledge of hotspots and touch points. Your school janitorial service must also understand that there are big differences between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing. Cleaning gets rid of dirt on surfaces utilizing detergent and mechanical action to remove visible grime and gunk. Now in the process, cleaning may also eliminate some of the germs. Disinfecting, while not designed to clear an area of noticeable soil and dirt, uses safe chemical agents to kill germs. finally, sanitizing reduces the number of organisms down to a safer level but does nothing about virus and fungus so sanitizing does not eliminate the flu or other viruses commonly found on surfaces. Disinfection is best for touch points, those often touched surfaces, and those areas in your school that are most likely to harbor pathogens like desks, door handles, shared computer equipment and others. This is important in any public building but especially in a busy learning environment.


Score High With the Right Michigan School Cleaning Company

Is there a way to score high with solid, professional school janitorial services? Yes! CIMS certification offers a free and easy way to narrow your options down to down to those janitorial companies set up to deliver on their promises to you. CIMS is a certification process for the janitorial and cleaning industry. For school cleaning companies to achieve CIMS certification, they must demonstrate that they understand how to bid and estimate jobs, recruit, screen and train the best people, have a documented comprehensive training program, adhere to all regulatory requirements, have a firm commitment to safety, have a strong communication program between their teams and their customers, and demonstrate a desire for continuous improvement and responsive, customer-focused service. Using a janitorial service with CIMS certification that you will get stuck with a company that is at the bottom of the class.


Rethinking Your Commercial Floor & Carpet Cleaning

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Often when you walk into a facility, the first thing you notice are the floors. This is because they stretch out in front of you, an unbroken expanse of either clean and well-maintained flooring or grimy, dull flooring, tiling or carpet that has seen better days. Well-maintained floors are an integral part of your building and the overall image of your facility. Scuffed, dull and grimy floors or stained and worn carpet can signal to customers, employees, tenants and visitors a cumulative lack of satisfactory maintenance. While poorly cleaned flooring can leave a poor first impression, clean and shiny floors or fresh, spotless carpet also sends a message and can stand as a sign of the overall quality of both your facility and your business. Clean, well-maintained flooring can elevate your professional image and provide a safe, healthy environment for anyone that enters your building. Still, as a Facility Manager, you must balance keeping your facility optimally maintained AND keeping costs down and meeting your budgets. This can make Facility Managers want to stretch the time between floor and carpet cleanings trying to get more bang for their buck. But does it make financial sense to put off maintenance? And if you are trying to get quality service and the best value for your building maintenance budget, what’s the best way to approach your commercial floor cleaning?


Getting More From Your Hard Floor Cleaning

What Facility Manager doesn’t love hard flooring? It is relatively easy to keep clean and incredibly durable but it does still need maintenance in order to keep hard floors looking their best year after year getting you more return on your original investment. Improperly or infrequently cleaned hard flooring can tarnish the overall image of your facility, cause premature wear and even put your building’s occupant at risk for slip and falls. Periodic, well-timed hard floor cleaning can revive old floors making them like new again and protect the investment you have put into new flooring. A typical hard floor care program could include floor stripping, sealing, waxing and buffing for a myriad of hard floor surfaces. Commercial floor restoration quite often incorporates removing old sealers and finishes from flooring, cleaning, resealing with a long-lasting protectant/sealer and then buffing to the preferred gloss. The right hard flooring sealers help you to get more life from flooring by lessening scuffs and even offering protection against dirt and damage actually penetrating the floors surface. Furthermore, the best janitorial services can even include in your hard floor maintenance program the application of slip resistant finishes and mat service that both protect against slip and falls and limit the amount of dirt, grit, grime and water that make their way into your facility.

Getting Effective, Safe Carpet Cleaning Every Time

While hard flooring offers unique durability, carpet in your commercial facility can offer an upscale, high-end feel. Beyond the luxury, there is also the comfort, sound dampening benefits and reduced slip and falls to consider. Still, carpeting is costly and if you are going to invest in this material for areas of your facility you must get the most usable years from it in order to justify the cost. In order to keep your carpets lasting long and looking their best, you need a professional, experienced, and effective commercial carpet cleaning company. What should you look for when considering commercial carpet cleaning companies? First, does a prospective janitorial company utilize the latest carpet cleaning technologies? Like many things, commercial carpet cleaning has benefitted tremendously from more recent technological advancements. Not only is old and dated equipment less effective, it can be far too rough on your carpets. For instance, Bonnet cleaning doesn’t clean effectively and is so tough on carpets it can actually void your carpet’s warranty. What works better? Truck mounted hot water extraction and low moisture encapsulation carpet cleaning methods, like the Whittaker carpet cleaning method protect your carpeting from unnecessary wear and give you the clean, fresh results you are looking for.

Don’t Stretch Carpet Cleaning & Floor Cleaning Too Thin

Of course you need to be cognizant of costs but you should not put off regular, periodic maintenance on your hard flooring or commercial carpets. If you wait until your flooring or carpet looks super dirty not only does your facility look not so great in the interim, but spots, stains and wear can be harder to address and even cause long term damage. Of course, carpeting and flooring that are visibly dirty should certainly be cleaned, still it is ideal to regularly clean your building’s floors before the looks dirty. Left too long between cleaning, scuffs and soils can begin to penetrate the floor itself and not just the clear protective coating. This damages floors faster potentially requiring premature replacement. Similarly, carpeting that isn’t cleaned periodically allows dirt, grit and material to settle into your carpet’s pile. If you looked at this grit and soil under microscope, you’d see jagged, rough and sharp edges that allowed to collect in carpet actually cuts at carpet fibers as it is walked upon creating unnecessary wear and over time, making carpets look dull and worn, especially in high traffic areas. Furthermore, stains and spots that are left to linger on carpets become increasingly difficult to remove the longer they sit. When you go too long between carpet and floor cleaning, you risk creating spending more than you save ultimately.

Get Expert Floor Care & Professional Carpet Cleaning Company That Won’t Break the Bank

Is it time you had your commercial floor or carpets cleaned? Interested in extending the lifespan of your facility’s flooring? Need a solid value and effective service from your commercial floor care? Here at Stathakis, we offer the businesses of South Eastern Michigan hard flooring care, commercial carpet cleaning results and carpet maintenance programs made-to-order. We make use of the most up to date carpet cleaning technologies in order to offer our customers the most effective service, clean carpets and flooring and maximum value for their building maintenance budget. We offer customized hard flooring solutions, truck mounted carpet cleaning, portable machine carpet cleaning, low moisture carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning all designed to get floors clean, improve their appearance, extend the life span of this your investment. Whether you are interested in hard floor cleaning or a subscription based carpet cleaning service, we are ready to help. For more information please contact us at #800-278-1884.



Medical Cleaning Services From a Patient’s Perspective

Posted by developer2 on April 6, 2018

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As a facility manager, it isn’t unusual to overestimate the effectiveness of our office cleaning services. Maybe our medical office cleaning service started strong but we have noticed that service has slipped below an acceptable level of clean. Or perhaps we just get so used to the state of our building that we stop ‘seeing’ some of the things other people may. Maybe we have simply become so inundated with other issues that we don’t feel like we even have the time to consider new medical cleaning services. The reality is that less than adequate medical cleaning will have a host of negative consequences for your facility. If your medical cleaning is slipping, it might be time to consider your options.


Medical cleaning From Your Patient’s Perspective

Remember secret shoppers, those people used by market research companies, watchdog organizations, or even by companies themselves to measure the overall customer experience, quality of service, compliance with regulations and more? The secret shopper would experience the shopping environment in much the same ways a customer would and then offer detailed feedback about their experiences. What would a secret shopper, or ‘secret patient’ have to say about your facility?

On a recent visit to a doctor’s office, I made an effort to really take note of my surroundings and what I can say is a number of health care facilities out there should be glad people are glued to their phones because when I looked around, much of what I saw wasn’t so great. Making my way into the facility, a mid sized clinic of mostly specialists, I noticed there was some debris and trash stuck in and around the bushes on the parking lot. It was a windy day but it looked as if the rubbish had been there some time.

As I made my way in to the facility I noted that the heavy glass entryway doors were greasy with prints and smudges. It was afternoon so I’m sure there had been many people in and out of the building by this point but it being cold and flu season and a medical facility, it did make me feel a bit hesitant about what germs likely covered the door handles. How many people with colds, flus and worse had come in touching those same handles? I know they can’t be cleaned between each individual but seeing the dirty glass doors definitely made me more conscious of the risk.

The walk to get to my physician’s suite was acceptable, carpets looked pretty clean and the overall condition of the walls, baseboards, pictures and lights looked good. I stopped at the office restrooms before my appointment. In a medical facility, I certainly have the expectation of clean restrooms but these were not as well cared for as I would have hoped. I wouldn’t compare them to a port-o-potty or stadium restroom but for a healthcare facility and high-end office building, they needed to be better maintained. There was water pooling up around the sink, the mirrors were wet and spotted. Trash and used paper towels had started collecting around a trash can. The baseboards were dusty and the drain had some mop string stuck in it. The stalls appeared clean and it could be because they were a dark color but it was still noticeable that this space needed more in the way of restroom cleaning.

Once in my doctor’s office I noticed that most of the reception area looked good with the exception of the decorative plants being very dusty. After being checked in I was escorted to an exam room. As I waited I took in my surroundings. There was a dark splotch on a cabinet though it was hard to tell how long it had been there. The vinyl baseboards were dusty, scuffed and in need of some attention. The sink had a good deal of mineral build up around the fixtures that probably could have been removed with a good cleaning. The reality is that patients are often kept waiting and they sit and look around and see things we might not notice and we move quickly through our facilities getting work done.


Medical Cleaning Services Matter More Than You Might Think

Medical office cleaning is a vital piece of managing your healthcare facilities. A medical facility is looked at far differently than a retail facility or even a basic office building. People are receiving care and their expectations of cleanliness and order are simply different. Medical cleaning companies must be cognizant of how important their contribution is to your patient’s overall sense of care and your reputation. If you have a medical cleaning company cleaning your facility below an acceptable level, not only can it chip away at your bottom line, it can actually make people sick. Not to mention that patient satisfaction and even employee satisfaction and retention will suffer.


Don’t Risk Low HCAHPS Scores or Your Valuable Reputation

Problematically, negative experiences are far from unique. A look at HCAHPS surveys demonstrates how many patients are finding the cleanliness of their healthcare facility lacking at best, negligent at worst. Janitorial services that don’t measure up lead to patients and their families wondering about the overall quality of the care they receive at your facility. With something as important as their lives and their health, you cannot give patients or their families extra reasons to worry.


A Professional Health Care Facility Requires A Professional Commercial Cleaning Company  

Do you have a truly professional commercial cleaning company? Do they understand the unique requirements of medical cleaning? Do they have an understanding of the compliance issues you are bound by? Do they have the systems and processes to get you the most value for your cleaning budget? If not, it could be that your professional cleaning company isn’t so professional after all. Maybe it is inexperience or maybe inattention but either way, your patients and practitioners all deserve to work in a medical facility that is clean and well maintained.

Find the Right Prescription For Your Facility 

Just because a company wants your business doesn’t mean they are worthy of it. Certainly a cleaning company can tell you they are great but the best janitorial companies must be willing to back up their claims with visible systems and processes, verifiable references, documented training and more. When you mention HIPPA and blood-borne pathogens do you get an blank stare? This can be a pretty significant indication that they are not making your business their business. Much like doctors have board certification to indicate specialized knowledge and added training, medical office cleaning services have similar. Within the janitorial, maintenance and cleaning industry, there is CIMS certification. CIMS certification can be a valuable tool for any Facility Manager looking for quality medical cleaning services in Michigan. CIMS certification is an extremely challenging process that requires medical office cleaning companies to demonstrate proficiencies in a variety of areas that directly impact your facility. CIMS certification is a great indicator that you are dealing with a committed professional commercial cleaning dedicated to delivering the level of service and value you would expect from any true professional.

Medical Cleaning Outsourcing Guide

Is Your Office Cleaning Service Checked Out?

Posted by developer2 on April 6, 2018

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Is Your Office Cleaning Service Checked In Or Checked Out?

Are your office cleaning services checked in or checked out? Do they get back to you promptly when you have an issue or do you have to track them down to get answers? Do you feel like you are having to micro manage your office cleaning service in order to get a basic level of service assured, or can you focus on other areas of your facility knowing your office cleaning company is on it? Do you feel like you get commercial office cleaning customized to your individual facility or one size fits all “solutions” that don’t really fit or solve your most pressing cleaning and maintenance issues? Do your office cleaners have the solid training to provide real professionalism and value or are you seeing poorly trained office cleaners, high turnover and a revolving door of new faces from your commercial office cleaning services?

When your office cleaning company isn’t checking all of the important boxes and hitting the mark, it’s frustrating. After all, one of the reasons you outsource your office cleaning is so that you don’t have constantly chase people down to make sure the work is done right. We talk to Facility Managers every day that are feeling the pain of substandard office cleaning services that provide little in the way of individualized service, responsiveness and professionalism. If your current office cleaning company isn’t getting the job done, it may be time to check out some new office cleaning companies.


When Your Office Cleaning Company Isn’t Hitting the Mark

It can be frustrating when your office cleaning company isn’t hitting the mark because it should be easier right? What is it about office cleaning that can make it so challenging to find a good company doing good work? First, there are so many different kinds of cleaning companies, with different sizes, structures, different resources, outlooks on customer service, different employee screening and training. Look at these companies from the outside or as they line up in your browser under the search term “office cleaning company’ and they look pretty much the same, however, peer under the hood looking at how they do business and you can spot some important differences. The best office cleaning companies are experienced. Sure everyone needs to start somewhere but do you really want your facility to be the training ground for a new cleaning company or a janitorial services company that is dipping their toe into new markets? You want an office cleaning company that will consistently hit the mark not one that is still trying to get a handle on the basics. Experience matters, professional office cleaning services take time to polish, don’t trust your facility’s maintenance and reputation to an office cleaning company without a proven track record.


Don’t Get Taken In By Overly Low Prices Without Considering WHY One Company Can Charge So Much Less

Listen, we understand the pressure to meet ever tightening budgets. We have all been on the cinching end of belt tightening and it can make those low low office cleaning quotes look pretty good. But when you get a handful of office cleaning bids and one or two stand out as being significantly lower than others, you have to stop and ask yourself, how exactly can they charge so much less? We aren’t saying higher prices equate to quality every time but when a few quotes are so much lower than the rest, it’s really more of a red flag than a life raft. The reality is that when it comes to office cleaning, good work requires good people and sufficient janitorial hours allocated, and that costs money. The single greatest cost with commercial office cleaning is labor. Very low professional office cleaning bids might indicate that a janitorial company is underestimating the hours needed to complete the requested work. That could lead to a situation where office cleaners cut corners and do less than was promised or even ask for more money later on or add unplanned charges and extras. Bad work isn’t a good deal at any price, right? Low prices might also be a sign that the office cleaning company is paying their employees below market wages, which ultimately just increases janitorial turnover creating more service and safety issues for you and your facility. Finally, a very low office cleaning price might be an indication that a cleaning company is dabbling in illegal subcontracting or even illegal hiring practices. Again, both potentially negatively impactful on your facility. Understand that as tempting as a low price can be, companies that are willing to take shortcuts in one area are willing to take them everywhere.


Finding Commercial Office Cleaning That Hits the Mark

When looking for commercial office cleaning companies that consistently hit the mark the challenge is that while low low prices are a red flag, high prices are no better at predicting service that hits the mark. So as a Facility Manager how do you spot the masters from the disasters? First, look for good deals over great deals. The objective should be finding an office cleaning company that delivers value. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Similarly, you should search out those companies who offer transparent pricing so you can both compare office cleaning bids and hold your future office cleaning company accountable to the work they promised. Furthermore, consider those commercial cleaning companies that have a culture that provides a strong foundation for employees. This means competitive wages and benefits, solid training to help office cleaners deliver a level of service they can feel good about and the management and support that translates into professional, responsive and reliable service for you.


Look For Janitorial Certifications To Check All the Important Boxes

Want to find an office cleaning company that hits the mark with the least amount of hassle? You can simplify the search for those companies set up for success by using trusted professional certifications like the ISSA’s CIMS certification to create your short list of prospective commercial office cleaning companies. The Cleaning Industry Management Standard (CIMS) certification program requires businesses to meet or exceed set industry standards of excellence on several different important benchmarks. It is a tool that is free to you as a Facility Manager and a really great way to qualify companies so you can find an office cleaning company that will consistently hit the mark and score high marks from you and your employees and tenants.

At Stathakis, we work hard to find, screen, train, manage and inspire quality people. We offer a solid organization dedicated to both our employees and customers. We are committed to exceptional customer service, industry best practices, innovation that controls costs for our customers and clear pricing that gives them real, useful information from which to make their buying decisions. We are ISSA CIMS certified demonstrating our commitment to exceptional commercial office cleaning, every time.

If you need office cleaning services and your business is in the South Eastern Michigan service area, please get in touch with us at (800) 278-1884 and let us make your life easier and your facility shine. Proudly serving Genesee County, St. Clair County, Macomb County, Oakland County, Livingston County Wayne County, Washtenaw County and Monroe County.


Your Facility Can Look Great Around the Clock With Day Porter Services

Posted by developer2 on April 6, 2018

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Day Porter Services Keep Your Facility Looking It’s Best Around the Clock

After hours cleaning works for many facilities. Your evening office janitorial service gets their work done when the building is quiet and most people have gone home. The morning rolls around and you have a fresh, clean building to greet you. The entry way sparkles as you make your way into the building, the restrooms look clean and smell fresh with well stocked supplies and empty trash cans. No coffee cups litter the reception area, no waste cans near filled to the top, no salt, snow or water cling to the entry mats. It is great but as a Facility Manager, you are acutely aware of how little time it can take for a busy day to start to undo the hard work of your nightly office cleaners. In especially busy buildings with high traffic, sometimes a nightly janitorial service just isn’t enough. Sure the deep cleaning is best done at night but could you benefit from a day cleaning person or team dedicated to keeping your building looking its best around the clock?


A Day Porter Can Save You Time & Keep Things Shining

It can be helpful for many facilities to have both night time janitorial services doing deep cleaning in your building after hours, as well as a responsive daytime professional ready to meet daytime cleaning, stocking and helping needs. An extra set of hands during business hours can keep your building looking great around the clock and running smoothly. If you are unfamiliar with a day porter, what are day porter duties? What does a day porter do? Know that day porters can attend to daytime cleaning duties, perhaps clearing your reception area of coffee cups or preparing a meeting room both before and after an important meeting. Unobtrusively and without interrupting business activities, your day porter works efficiently in the background keeping your building on track. So what does a day porter actually do? It really depends on what you and your facility need but some basics include:

  • Clear litter and debris from entryways and parking lots
  • Keeping reception and patio areas clean
  • Lobby maintenance
  • Monitoring, servicing & restocking restrooms
  • Keep all common areas clean
  • Prepare conference rooms before and after meetings
  • Periodic cleaning of common areas like kitchens, lunchrooms & patios
  • Meeting setup/tear down
  • Removing trash and debris
  • Respond to spills and other time sensitive cleaning requirements
  • Place and then remove any necessary safety signage
  • Execute minor maintenance tasks light changing a light bulb
  • Arranging and scheduling other maintenance tasks with your building services contractor
  • Superintendent coverage

Over time, your day porter can function as an assistant helping you with any number of things. For example, perhaps an employee needs a hand moving to another office. Or maybe you need office furniture moved from a conference room for an event. These things and more are the responsive tasks you can count on for help from your day porter.


The Difference Between Day Cleaning & After Hours Office Cleaning

Day cleaning, a day porter service and an evening janitorial service can work hand in hand and be very complimentary, but it does require a little planning and finesse. With a day porter attending to some cleaning during business hours, that person must be very mindful of the business activities going on around them and structure their services in such a way as they are minimally disruptive. So the vacuum, barring an unusual circumstance should be saved for the nighttime office cleaning crew whereas, a quick rewiping and restocking of a restroom can be done during normal business hours by your day porter. Not only must day cleaning be minimally distracting or disruptive, since there are people walking around the facility, your day porter must be mindful not to create safety hazards with cords and obstacles and be diligent and consistent with safety signage on wet flooring to minimize the risk of slip and falls. Similarly, using green products and low odor cleaning solutions can help accommodate employees who are smell sensitive or have allergies. It can be helpful to check in with employees and tenants after you have implemented your day cleaning program, making adjustments as needed to make the program work well for you and your facility.


Getting a Dayporter That’s A Real Team Player

Your dayporter needs to be cut from a certain cloth. We find that people who are naturally friendly, helpful, quick learners, positive and interested in learning more make great day porters. A day porter can become an essential part of your facility maintenance, but not just any person is suited for this important role. In order to be successful, your day porter should have a willingness to adjust their duties to meet your ever changing needs. Similarly, your janitorial company must be experienced both with finding a good fit for the position of day porter and then helping your day porter and after hours cleaning crew communicate effectively to assure you get the very best service possible. 

Setting Your Day Porter Up For Success

What is the single most component in a successful day porter program? It’s the person filling the role. What then is the second most important determiner of whether your day porter program is successful or not? That is how well your day porter or daytime cleaning staff communicate with your after hours cleaning team. The better they work and communicate, the better the services they deliver to you. First, you must communicate your expectations and requirements clearly with your day porter. Since there is so much variety in the position, it’s up to you to help your day porter and janitorial company know what you really need. Because day porters get busy in your facility fast as people tend to lean on them for help, it is important to be clear with your day porter what you expect them to attend to daily in spite of special requests and how to prioritize or ask for your help when deciding what is most critical and how to plan their work. It can happen where your day porter becomes so inundated with requests that they push off duties of theirs to the nighttime cleaning team, this not only means some important tasks aren’t being finished during the day, the added work can overwhelm evening janitorial services and create issues. Best to be clear from the beginning and if issues arise, communicate with your contract cleaning company so they can sort it out helping get things running smoothly in your facility.


Let Us Help You Get the Tailored Cleaning Services You Really Need

We talk to so many Facility Managers who wish they knew about the day porter program sooner. They so often find that the day porter becomes an integral part of their team and makes the job of keeping up with a busy, high traffic facility so much more manageable. If you could use help keeping your building look its best around the clock, Day Porter services could transform your office cleaning and facility maintenance. Contact Stathakis at (800)278-1884 and let our team assist you in designing Day Porter services custom tailored to your facility.



When Commercial Carpet Cleaning Goes Wrong

Posted by developer2 on April 6, 2018

detroit commercial carpet cleaning, livonia commercial carpet cleaning, dearborn commercial carpet cleaning, farmington commercial carpet cleaning

Don’t Let The Wrong Carpet Cleaners Damage Carpets

Whether your carpets are brand, spanking new or on their last leg, do not let the wrong commercial carpet cleaning service near your carpeting. Finding reputable, professional, knowledgeable and effective carpet cleaning services can be challenging but it is worth putting the time in to do it in order to protect this expensive building investment. Why is it so tough to find an office carpet cleaning company up to the job? For one, it is a pretty crowded marketplace. For every one, solid Detroit commercial carpet cleaning company there are probably twenty in the ‘no thank you’ pile.Second, there are differences in equipment, training, technicians, procedures and more that matter a great deal in terms of positive outcomes in carpet cleaning, but that can be hard to determine before you actually get your carpets serviced. Third, often the signs of poor carpet cleaning are not immediately obvious. Sometimes it is weeks later that you begin to notice revealing signs of subpar commercial carpet cleaning like quick resoiling, residues or visible damage. While picking the right Detroit commercial carpet cleaning company isn’t an easy feat, the wrong commercial carpet cleaning services can bust your carefully planned budgets and leave you with more problems than you started out with.


How Do You Choose Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services That Won’t Leave You Hanging?

Choosing a commercial carpet cleaning company isn’t easy but there are some main things you can look for that are likely to predict quality carpet cleaning services. What factors matter most when it comes to safe and effective carpet cleaning? The answer is people, training, equipment, cleaning chemical products, management and quality assurance. People are so important because they are on the front line delivering the carpet care. You can have the best, latest and greatest equipment and solutions and if the person using them isn’t well trained, the work will suffer. Not only must your Detroit carpet cleaning sufficiently train their teams, anyone entering YOUR facility must be thoroughly screened including criminal background checks and drug screening. After all, the security of your staff and your facility is paramount. Carpet cleaning technicians must know how to evaluate your carpet, recognize stains and determine the best stain removal products for the issue. Likewise, they must identify wear or damage that can be made worse by improper or unnecessarily aggressive cleaning methods. And while people are paramount, the right carpet cleaning equipment matters too. Commercial carpet cleaning has made significant advances in recent years and outdated equipment can be ineffective and too rough on carpets. Similarly, your Detroit commercial carpet cleaning company should be using green carpet cleaning products wherever possible. Lastly, the right office carpet cleaning company must put training, systems and processes in place in order to assure a dependable level of quality.


Price Is A Factor But Don’t Let It Be The Only Factor

Commercial cleaning prices can be all over the place. And unfortunately, price doesn’t necessarily equate to quality or value. Of course you have to consider price when choosing a commercial carpet cleaning service, but don’t let commercial carpet cleaning prices be the only factor when choosing important services for your facility. Very low prices can be especially tempting but if one or two contractors are coming in significantly lower than the other carpet cleaning bids, you have to ask yourself, why can they charge so much less for the same services? Super low prices very well may indicate illegal hiring and corner cutting. On the other hand, high prices are no guarantee of ‘white glove’ service. Some companies just charge more with little correlation to quality or value. It really makes choosing carpet cleaning services for your facility harder than it should be right? So how CAN you use pricing to make a good decision about office carpet cleaning? First, prices should be clear and based upon good information. Clear pricing helps you compare carpet cleaning prices and get an idea of what you are getting and for how much. Ultimately, you should look for those carpet cleaning companies that as discussed offer the best people, training, equipment, cleaning chemical products, management and quality assurance, and then compare prices to find the best value for your facility.


Get Professional, Safe & Effective Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Keeping carpets looking their best will give employees and visitors an overall positive impression of your facility and business. Likewise, regular carpet cleaning will get you significantly more years of usable lifespan. Contract with a Carpet Cleaning Company that offers the effective cleaning and value you need, and you get great service, at a fair price without the hassle. At Stathakis, we offer South Eastern Michigan commercial carpet cleaning customized to the specific needs of your facility. We hire great employees, train them to be knowledgeable and competent technicians, provide them with state of the art carpet cleaning equipment and methods utilizing green cleaning products and then we help manage them and guide them to offer our valued customers optimal results, every time. Whether you are looking for an on-demand carpet cleaning or even a subscription based carpet cleaning program, we are here to help. For more information on how you can keep your floors cleaner than they have ever been, please contact Stathakis at #800-278-1884.



What To Do When Your Restroom Sanitation Service Stinks!

Posted by developer2 on April 6, 2018

detroit restroom cleaning, livonia restroom sanitation services, office restroom cleaning, dearborn office cleaning

Do You Have A Stinky Situation On Your Hands?

Have your office restrooms become a decidedly stinky situation? Certainly there is an expected odor associated with restrooms, it is after all, the place where some smelly stuff can happen. However, the lingering odors in restrooms can point to issues with your commercial restroom cleaning. Smells that stay, odors that seem to hang in the air can point to dirty restrooms and insufficient restroom cleaning. Even though restrooms can have odors, in clean, well ventilated restrooms, these smells shouldn’t stick around. If you are smelling noticeably funky odors, urine is typically the primary offender. Urine helps flush water and salt from our bodies and some of the compounds present in urine, including nitrogen, chlorides, proteins and urea can leave behind unpleasant odors when permitted to evaporate, collect and concentrate around urinals, toilets, grout, drains and other areas around your office restrooms. And while these compounds themselves can be noxious, they also provide the perfect meal for numerous bacteria that themselves produce stinky smells.


Why Is Restroom Odor Such a Common Problem?

The problem of restroom cleaning and lingering odor is an issue for many Facility Managers. In reality, keeping restrooms looking and smelling their best continues to top the list of maintenance pain points. Stinky smells can plague facilities for a variety of reasons. Maybe your janitorial services company is failing to do the deep, detailed restroom cleaning they need to in order to leave your restrooms looking clean and smelling fresh. Maybe your office restroom venting is inadequate or requires servicing. Or it could be that you have a level of density within your building that requires more than a nightly cleaning. Offensive odors are a problem even if your restrooms look clean because bad smells register as a strong negative reaction and cast your overall maintenance and your facility in a poor light.


Smelly, Dirty Restrooms Reflect Badly On Your Whole Facility

Any restroom that is used regularly is going to become dirty, but if your restroom cleaning service isn’t keeping up with the job and your restrooms are smelly and dirty, it reflects poorly on your overall maintenance. Office restrooms have a disproportionate affect on the perception of your facility. Dirty restrooms give the impression of mediocrity, lowered standards and apathy. When office restrooms look dirty and smell unpleasant, visitors and employees in your facility notice and it makes them aware of other areas your cleaning is less than optimal. Bad smells, mystery puddles, overflowing trash and more give people in your facility a strong negative reaction. Don’t let less than clean and fresh office restrooms create doubt about the overall health and cleanliness of your facility.


A Quick Mop & Wipe Down Won’t Eliminate Odor

Commercial restroom cleaning cannot just be about a once over with a mop and a little Windex. That might be okay in your home to quick spruce things up before company comes over but office restrooms simply see too much traffic. Many offices can get by with a nightly restroom cleaning, especially if their janitorial services company does a daily, thorough clean. But more heavily used restrooms might require a daytime cleaning as well, emptying trashes, restocking supplies and giving everything a once over. If you think nightly cleaning might not be enough for your busy facility restrooms, you might consider the services of a Day Porter. But if your daily cleaning includes little more than a quick spray down and a little mopping, you aren’t likely to see the clean restroom and fresh clean smell you are looking for. The compounds related to smelly restrooms aren’t easily removed with a quick mop. Worse yet, many commercial restroom cleaning companies reuse mop heads that have not been properly changed or cleaned meaning these smelly compounds just get moved around throughout your facility. It takes real cleaning and measures to prevent against cross contamination to really make your facility shine.


A Restroom Cleaning Checklist Can Help Solve Your Putrid Problem

When it comes to quality control in restroom cleaning, a restroom cleaning checklist can be a valuable tool. A restroom cleaning checklist can be a useful way to understand the level of work required to keep your restrooms clean and smelling fresh. While thorough daily cleaning is essential, the big solution to dirty, smelly restrooms is periodic deep cleaning. What kind of tasks or checklist items assure your restroom cleaning service is hitting all of the important marks?

  • Cleaning must be done first and then disinfecting surfaces using the proper dwell times to assure disease causing germs and bacteria are eradicated.
  • Careful cleaning of “hot spots,” “high contact” and “touch points” to diminish the spread of disease causing germs.
  • Mirrors should be clean and shiny.
  • Using industry best practices– chemicals, agitation and extraction to insure walls, floors, toilets, urinals, sinks, mirrors and fixtures are scrubbed and deep cleaned.
  • There should be no overwhelming ‘toilet’ odor and the overall smell should be clean and fresh.
  • Toilet and toilet seats must be cleaned, disinfected and wiped dry.
  • Urinal handles need to be cleaned, disinfected, wiped dry with urinal screens cleaned and blocks replaced.
  • Feminine hygiene dispensers should be cleaned, disinfected and restocked with new liners put in place as needed.
  • Frequent restocking of must have supplies like toilet paper, hand soap and paper towels.
  • Regularly emptying trash & sanitary disposal containers BEFORE they are full.
  • Routine inspecting fixtures like dryers, paper dispensers and more to insure sure they are in working order.
  • Cleaning floors and counters to eliminate splashes, water and keep surfaces looking good.
  • Systematically cleaning around and behind toilets and other hard-to-reach yet essential areas to help eradicate odors.
  • Maintaining restroom partitions so they are free of the three G’s—grime, gum and graffiti.
  • When cleaning restrooms, floor drains and grout must be clean.
  • Regular dusting or vacuuming of air vents.
  • Check that all light bulbs are functioning.
  • Attention to detail including clean corners, ceilings and base boards.
  • Making sure regular deep cleaning is done to eliminate long term issues piling up and protect your building’s assets
  • Great janitorial services use state of the art cleaning equipment to do the best job for the best price.
  • Restroom cleaning cloths, towel and mops should not be used outside of the restroom.
  • A visual inspection should be done upon completion and any areas requiring future maintenance should be noted.
  • The supplies and equipment closet should be clean, organized and well stocked.
  • Equipment should be properly maintained, repaired and replaced as needed.


The Importance of Cleaning For Health In Office Restrooms

Smell can be a sign that your restroom cleaning company is not adequately cleaning but also a sign that they might not be cleaning for health. Cleaning enzymes and chemical disinfectants not only combat urine compounds and odors, they are proven to work well for combating viruses, bacteria and other disease causing germs. But in order to be effective, they must be used properly and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. That means dwell times for certain cleaning products, dwell times are the amount of minutes a wet product must cling to a surface before being wiped away in order to effectively destroy germs. If recommended dwell times are not followed, the removal of the bacteria, and hence the smell, is less effective. Preferably, your restroom cleaning service can spray areas and let the disinfectant remain for the recommended dwell time while they tend to other tasks like restocking supplies, cleaning mirrors and removing trash. Similarly, your restroom cleaning services should be certain they target porous, hard to reach areas like grout lines and corners to keep the space clean and fresh longer. Cleaning for health not only keeps your office restrooms smelling better, it keeps employees and visitors to your facility healthier.


Finding A Restroom Sanitation Service Prepared to Tackle Your Office Restrooms

Finding the right office restroom cleaning services company can make a world of difference with your restroom cleaning. Don’t risk your reputation or your bottom line with smelly office restrooms and restroom cleaning that just plain stinks. Don’t continue to work with commercial cleaning services that are either unable or unwilling to deliver professional, quality, effective service without leaving your restrooms in a stinky state. At Stathakis, we have over thirty years of experience delivering the best in facility maintenance and restroom cleaning for the businesses of southeastern Michigan. If you are a Facility Manager in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Royal Oak, Farmington Hills, Farmington, Dearborn, Livonia, Troy, Auburn Hills, Novi, Plymouth, Downriver or surrounding areas, please contact us at 1-800-278-1884 to learn more about how we can help you maintain clean restrooms, keep your restrooms smelling fresh and get more of what matters most to you.


Do Your Medical Janitorial Services Have Their Eye On the Future?

Posted by developer2 on April 6, 2018

10. do your medical services.jpgHealth Care Facilities Should Be Places Of Health & Healing, Not Getting Sicker

The future of healthcare changes by the minute with technology informing nearly everything from the top down. Medical and hospital cleaning has become more critical as concerns about cleanliness, infection and patient satisfaction come to the forefront. Your commercial cleaning company has a direct role in patient safety, satisfaction and even HCAHPS scores. Healthcare Associated Infections have long been a concern in medical facilities but with practitioners seeing increasingly higher volumes of patients, managing rates of infection transmission are even more important. Whether you manage a hospital, clinic, surgical center, or any other healthcare facility, you want to be seen as a place to receive care and get well and not a place to get sicker.


Medical Cleaning Requires A Specialist

In order to effectively tackle the newest strains of disease that find their way into medical facilities, your commercial cleaning company must be up to the job. Just because a janitorial company wants your business does not mean they are worthy of it. Just like many medical specialties, healthcare cleaning requires a higher level of training, knowledge and experience. Just because a company has been moderately successful in general office cleaning does not mean they are prepared for the responsibility and requirements of medical office cleaning. when searching for your next healthcare cleaning company, don’t consider any company that has not done their due diligence and pursued training and systems to serve the medical cleaning requirements of area hospitals, clinics, ambulatory centers and even medical facility offices.


Medical Cleaning Requires More Than a Bucket & Mop

Healthcare cleaning services comes with its own unique requirements, risks, compliance issues and safety concerns. If your prospective commercial cleaning company isn’t fully in tune and up to speed with the requirements of health care cleaning, they are putting you, your patients, staff and even their employees at risk. Medicine has evolved tremendously over the last decade and with it, a number of services connected to medical care have continued to be professionalized. Healthcare-associated infections impact nearly 2 million people each year, with as many as a third of the reported cases being preventable with recommended infection control procedures in place. Add to that a virulent and raging flu season with heightened, severe complications and you can see how important the health and cleanliness of your medical facility is. When you contract with a generalist instead of a medical cleaning specialist, you run the risk of getting little more than a cursory cleaning that not only looks less than inviting, can actually make people sick. Certainly common illnesses like colds, flus and respiratory illnesses can spread in any facility where cleaning for health is not taken seriously, but in a medical setting, the risks and complications are profoundly more serious, even catastrophic.


Compliance Is Critical In in Healthcare & Hospital Cleaning

Healthcare and hospital cleaning are an integral part of a healthy environment but perception and reputation are no less important. The Hospital Consumer Assessments of “Healthcare Providers and Systems” survey, or, HCAHPS has become an important tool for measuring patient satisfaction as well as reducing reimbursements for those health care facilities not meeting consumer expectations. On the HCAHPS survey, the cleanliness of the medical setting gets serious consideration. Between HIPPA, HCAHPS, OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommendations, AORN (Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses) recommendations, Blood Borne Pathogen training and other healthcare cleaning requirements, your medical cleaning company must understand what you are up against and how to help support you with their own efforts and contributions toward a clean, healthy and well maintained facility.


Medical Cleaning Requires More Knowledge & Higher Standards

Do prospective medical office cleaning companies understand the difference between clean, aseptic and sterile? Do they understand the differences, differing applications and required procedures with the various products used to clean your facility like disinfectants, sanitizers, detergents, virucides and more? Aseptic cleaning is used in various clinical settings to prevent the spread of pathogens that can spread dangerous infections. In a hospital, clinic, medical offices or other healthcare setting, cleaning teams require specific training in medical cleaning in order to effectually clean your facility. Healthcare cleaning personnel must understand critical and non-critical cleaning, disinfecting protocols, correct product usage, specific product directions, dwell times, when and where personal protective equipment is needed and cleaning for health. Similarly, your commercial cleaning company must use appropriate EPA-approved, hospital-grade cleaning and disinfectant products wherever required including surfaces and touch points that are likely to be become contaminated. Furthermore, terminal cleaning is an important part of the infection control process minimizing the spread of infection-causing pathogens that can heighten the risk of health care-associated infections (HAIs). Terminal cleaning is employed to immediately lower the microorganism load on high-touch areas like remote controls, light switches, telephones, door handles, tables, computer terminals, rails and other frequently handled items and surfaces. There is concrete science behind effective medical cleaning. Is your prospective healthcare cleaning company aware of it?


Do Your Medical Janitorial Services Have Their Eye On the Future?

In order to serve you and your facility most effectively, your medical cleaning company must have their eye on the future. Professional industry certifications like the CIMS, or Cleaning Industry Management Standard, can be a good way for you as a Facility Manager to create your short list of prospective commercial cleaning companies, secure in the knowledge that CIMS Certified cleaning companies are significantly more likely to be prepared to meet the unique needs of your individual facility. Much like healthcare professionals have certification to designate special training in specific clinical areas, commercial cleaning companies can achieve CIMS certification certifying their mastery in specific, critical areas of their business. CIMS certification shows a sincere commitment to going above and beyond the basics with an adherence to industry best practices, innovation, training and responsiveness to the customers. CIMS certification provides valuable, free feedback to help Facility Managers just like you weed out the many cleaning companies in the crowded janitorial marketplace that are simply not resourced and set up to effectively clean and maintain your facility. With certifications like CIMS and evidence-based analysis of a cleaning companies commitment to industry best practices and understanding the specific issues inherent in medical cleaning, you can find a company ready and willing to deliver the services your healthcare facility deserves.

Medical Cleaning Outsourcing Guide

When It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Your Office Cleaning Company

Posted by developer2 on April 6, 2018

office cleaning, commercial office cleaning services, detroit office cleaning servicesWhen a Mistake Becomes An Issue & An Issue Becomes A Pattern

Mistakes happen, even in the best office cleaning companies. But when one mistake becomes two, three or four mistakes and these mistakes add up to a more pressing issue, and the issue becomes a pattern, you have a real problem. At a certain point, you must ask, how many mistakes are too many mistakes? When can an issue be remedied and when is it time to move on? And if you do decide to move on and work with a different office cleaning company, how do you assure you don’t end up in the very same position just with a different office cleaning service? We talk to Facility Managers just like you each and every day. We hear their pain points and the issues that so frequently plague office cleaning. Do your issues match up with those other Facility Managers? And what can you do to keep your office cleaning company’s mistakes from becoming YOUR problems?


Are Your Office Cleaning Services Responsive?

While no commercial office cleaning service is perfect, there are some that respond to issues and problems better than others. When your office cleaning company makes a mistake, do they get in touch and rectify it promptly? And do they put a plan in place to make sure a problem doesn’t become a pattern? The best office cleaning services get back to you quickly when you report an issue. The best ones often find the problem before you even notice it with regular janitorial inspections and good employee training. If you are regularly hearing “we’ll take care of it” from your office cleaning company only to have to call or email again and again in order to get a response, it might be time to consider a new office cleaning company.


Are You Seeing A Revolving Door of New Office Cleaners?

Turnover is an unfortunate problem in any of the lower-skilled or less specialized jobs, as the pay is often at the lower end of the continuum, often people who become skilled and experienced move into more highly skilled positions and some low-skilled employees have other issues that make consistent employment difficult. So the turnover you will see at an office cleaning company is likely to be higher than say, among teachers. But office cleaning is a service business and a service business is only as good as its people. While some turnover is expected, the best office cleaning companies work hard to keep their turnover below average in order to provide their employees and their customers with consistency and excellence. How do some office cleaning services reduce turnover giving them a consistent, experience work force? They find and hire people who are a very good fit for the work. Then they arm those people with the training, tools, supervision and management to do very good work. Finally, they use competitive pay, benefits and performance incentives to both get the best from their teams and make their people feel appreciated and valued. If you see too many new faces among your office cleaners, it might be time to contract with a company that knows how to find and keep very good people.


Is Your Office Cleaning Company Using a Vacuum From the 1980s?

Office cleaning equipment is rapidly getting better, more effective, safer and greener. If your commercial office cleaning services is using old, outdated, poorly serviced equipment that has seen better days, they are shorting you of one of the many benefits of outsourcing office cleaning, that is newer, better equipment. By contracting with an office cleaning company, you should be getting the benefit of their specialization which means better equipment, serviced as needed and replaced more frequently. Office cleaning companies that are not using up to date equipment are not reinvesting in their own businesses and offering their customers the most optimal and effective service.


Criminal Background Checks & Drug Screening Are Critical

If your office cleaning company is taking short cuts with people, they will take shortcuts anywhere. People are the core component of office cleaning services. Office cleaners an in and out of your building daily and often after hours. You deserve to have people that are safe. That means no illegal hiring, comprehensive employment screening including drug testing and criminal background checks on every single employee without fail. A clean building is important but security is critical. Don’t let your office cleaning company take short cuts that put your business, your people and your reputation at risk.


Office Cleaners Need Training To Be More Effective & Consistent

Does your office cleaning company have good people? What does good people even mean? Well, as stated above, they must be legally hired and properly screened, but then what? Then training and management become critical to the success of an office cleaning program. Effective training benefits you the customer and changes the way people feel about their work, which in turn cultivates a more professional attitude. Everyone benefits. Office cleaning has leapt into the future and is so much more technical than the mop and bucket days. Science and technology have combined to give us major improvements in the Science of Cleaning and Cleaning for Health. But these advances require training in order to be implemented correctly giving you the best results possible in your facility. Is your office cleaning company finding, hiring, screening, training and managing their teams to success? Do they provide comprehensive general training as well as industry specific training to the office cleaners who work in your building?

Say Goodbye to Your Ineffective Office Cleaning Company & Hello to Better Service

There are certainly those office cleaning companies that are off track, making more mistakes than reasonable and taxing your good will and your office cleaning budget beyond their limits. But there are also those professional office cleaning services getting it right, working hard daily toward continual improvement to offer their valued customers more and better. As a Facility Manager, you are tasked with trying to discern the former from the latter. In fact, that can be the trickiest part. It isn’t always easy to identify those companies that are doing it better. The best office cleaning companies won’t take shortcuts with training, effective quality control is the goal and they operate with a professionalism that offers a predictor of service and value. The most effective Detroit office cleaning companies know that too many mistakes become a pattern and lose them customers so they strive to identify and remedy problems quickly. They know that communication and responsiveness are integral to effective service. The best office cleaning companies know that people are the face of their business and thus make it a priority to find, hire, retain and manage great people who are a great fit for the work. The most effective office cleaning services know why better, newer cleaning equipment and environmentally friendly products do the best job and make the most of their customer’s budgets. They fully understand that security and safety in your office building is nonnegotiable. Do your work upfront to find those office cleaning companies worthy of your business an you can set your facility up to run efficiently and effectively while looking its best.